Outdoor Family Session

A warm, sunny afternoon and a picturesque backdrop all to ourselves.

Picture it...Enjoying time with your family, laughing, having fun & creating memories. Having these moments photographed - just like the Weathersbee & Raschilla families did. In a park or on a beach, the soft afternoon sun and that beautiful Fall glow in everything - the grass, the trees, the beautiful smiles of your adorable babies. The end result are family photos filled with love and lots of belly laughs.


“It didn’t matter how big our house was, it mattered that there was love in it”

I love this quote by Peter Buffett, because it dive right into the essence of being a family. The real, the raw & imperfectly perfect moments. Similarly, your family photos aren’t about your house, whether it’s clean or messy, whether it’s all modern and high-tech or a cozy old one. If you have a strong bond with your family, it will outshine everything else in the photos.

Why hire a Family Photographer?


Why pay for a professional photographer when you can take as many photos and record as many videos as you want, with your phone, right? Not quite. While phone snaps are wonderful memoirs to mundane happy moments, they don’t include one important element - YOU. You are not in the picture, having fun with your lovely family. A professional photographer can capture your family’s legacy as a whole. It’s photos that you’ll want to print and hang all around your house.

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